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Why Uber Freight?

Backed by innovative technology and a dedicated team of domain experts, Uber Freight is not just one of the largest logistics and transportation networks in the world. It’s a platform and service that helps shippers and carriers of all sizes take control of their freight and deliver on their goals.

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  • Shippers

    With the technology and expertise to provide instant quotes, transparent pricing, actionable insights, and optimization strategies, the Uber Freight Platform gives you the tools to deliver for your customers.

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  • Carriers

    With upfront pricing, instant booking, free Quickpay, and facility ratings, Uber Freight puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Uber Freight Platform

In combining the largest network of digitally-enabled carriers with industry-leading logistics technology and transportation services, the Uber Freight Platform unlocks the best opportunities and options for shippers and carriers to move goods.

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Managed transportation

As one of the leading managed transportation providers in the world, Uber Freight combines advanced technology, a committed team of domain experts, and the industry’s broadest shipper-carrier network to increase agility, efficiency, and predictability, optimizing every aspect of your supply chain and logistics processes. The result is a highly flexible delivery model that enables nimble decision-making, drives process excellence, lowers your operational risks, and reduces costs.

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Instant booking

Find and book freight at a moment’s notice, without picking up the phone. Expand your capacity with access to a trusted network of carriers, booked online with just a few clicks, 24/7.

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Uber Freight is trusted worldwide by industry leaders to meet their logistics needs.

We’re opening new avenues for innovation and scale across the globe.

Chris Kozak , Associate Director of Contract Carriers, Tyson Foods

"Over the years as we’ve expanded and developed new consumer-appealing food products, Uber Freight has adapted its transportation management technologies to support us in staying at the forefront of our industry. Uber Freight consistently rises to our toughest logistics challenges and remains flexible to the day-to-day changes in our dynamic schedules."

Andy Butler, Associate Director , North America Transportation Purchases, P&G

“While Uber’s technology and platform provide a clear advantage, what really sets Uber apart is their creative mindset, deep understanding of our business needs, and focus on operational excellence.”

Paul Heffernan, Vice President, Supply Chain , LG Electronics USA

“Making sure that our freight is moving correctly, on time, and at the right price is getting more complex just about every day...Having an innovation partner is super critical. We see Uber Freight as a partner who can help us get there.”

Javier Gomez Contreras , Logistics Director, Grupo Gondi

"The state-of-the-art Uber Freight technology meets all of our needs, while allowing easy integration with SAP and AMCS systems. We have 14 locations in Mexico and working with Uber Freight experts allows us to access packaging industry best practices, along with a deep knowledge of the logistics intricacies of our regions."

Jeannine Arzillo, Customer Service Representative , Premier Packaging

“Our loads are consistently picked up delivered on time, and we can book, fire away, and follow up on delivery day, always confident that our loads are where they need to be. Uber Freight's transparency also allows us to make fully informed booking decisions up front. When we enter date and location information, we can see an instant quote, and the time it takes to confirm loads is cut in half.”

Yone Dewberry, Chief Supply Chain Officer , Land O' Lakes

“Uber Freight's premise is all about bringing technology and innovation into different industries...partnering with them allows us to continue that transformation and become more of a technology and innovation company.”

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