Month: September 2019

As a new owner-operator, Robert Givens benefits from Uber Freight’s 24-7 access to loads and free quick-pay. He also takes advantage of discounts through Uber Freight Plus.

Limiting the number of empty miles on loads is a major priority for lowering IPP’s carbon footprint.

Tim Ghorley went from owner-operator to a carrier with 5 drivers leased on. Here he shares what it takes to make this transition.

By: Frank McGuigan, CEO, Transplace Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at Labelmaster’s Dangerous Goods Symposium, a forum to share the latest in dangerous goods regulatory updates, innovation, training best practices and practical solutions to keep companies up-to-date on the latest hazmat shipping regulations. During my presentation, I discussed innovation and the role of…

A new HQ and a $200 million annual local investment mark Uber’s continued commitment to Freight.

When Alix Burton heard about Uber Freight, he immediately signed up. He has since grown his fleet to 11 trucks, and both he and his drivers count on Uber Freight to get the job done.

Brian Wcislo is the founder of Innovations Express. Now 10 trucks strong, Wcislo’s company has found success through outstanding drivers and technology like Uber Freight.