See more, do more with the Uber Freight shipper platform

May 29 / US
See more, do more with the Uber Freight shipper platform

When we launched the Uber Freight shipper platform last year, it set a new benchmark in the freight industry. This powerful, yet easy-to-use platform enabled users to see instant pricing, tender loads, track shipments, and more.

Since the freight business is always changing, so are we. Since the debut of the shipper platform, we’ve refined its capabilities even further.

Instant pricing, fast tendering

Increasing visibility for shippers starts by offering up-to-date information. Our shipper platform delivers instant, upfront quotes. These rates are generated in real-time and are based on current market conditions. When a customer finds a price they like, it’s easy to create and post a load with just a few clicks.

Our shipper platform not only helps users see more possibilities, but it’s also designed to help businesses run more smoothly. Once a load is posted, it becomes available on the growing nationwide network of trusted carriers who use Uber Freight. What’s more, if any issues arise, our support team is there to help—24/7.

Lane explorer

Another way our shipper platform increases visibility into the freight market is through lane explorer. With this feature, shippers can look at rates up to 14 days in advance. These quotes are based on current market conditions. When a shipper finds a load they like, they can tender it immediately through the shipper platform.

For companies able to align their shipping to days that offer better pricing, the savings can be significant. For example, lane explorer has helped bring a new level of control and efficiency to Narrangansett Beer.

Real-time tracking

To help shippers become more productive, we tackled one of the biggest time-wasters in trucking: tracking loads manually. All loads booked by carriers using the app can be tracked in real-time through the platform. What’s more, automatic notifications can be sent whenever a key milestone is reached, such as a load entering a facility. With less time spent on the phone and sifting through emails, more time can be spent on what’s most important—growing a business.

Freight insights

Spotting inefficiencies in complex shipping operations is no easy task. By enabling freight insights on the Uber Freight shipper platform, users can see quantifiable metrics on their shipping operations, all in one dashboard. By being able to analyze data, shippers are able to find insights into their business, address problems in real-time as they arise, and measure long-term performance. What’s more, freight insights can help spot inefficiencies across your freight operations or at individual facilities.

Facility ratings

Another way the shipper platform increases visibility into operations is through facility ratings. This new capability within the carrier app enables drivers to leave star ratings and written reviews about the shipping facilities they visit. This candid feedback can be incredibly useful for shippers looking to improve their facilities and relationships with carriers.

Streamlined document management

The Uber Freight shipper platform simplifies managing paperwork associated with each load. Shippers can review all future, present, and past loads in one system. This includes necessary documents, such as PODs once uploaded by carriers, because they are stored within the platform.

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