Instant quotes, no haggling—why Birch Plastics ships with Uber Freight

June 7 / US
Instant quotes, no haggling—why Birch Plastics ships with Uber Freight

Founded by Rob Lang in 2001, Birch Plastics is one of the leading post-industrial recycling companies in the country. The team, based out of Houston, Texas, recycles a variety of plastic resins into high-quality regrinds. Paul Wilson, the company’s logistics manager, works to ensure that Birch Plastics is a dependable shipper for its clients from an operational standpoint, streamlining shipments and addressing inefficiencies in their supply chain.


The plastics recycling industry runs on tight margins, so every minute or hour saved on operations benefits Birch Plastics. As logistics manager, it’s Wilson’s responsibility to confirm shipments are booked at a fair price and get to the customer on time. But Wilson found himself getting bogged down in the convoluted and energy-intensive haggle over freight rates. He was beholden to intermediaries and would spend hours on the phone trying to secure a reasonable price, all before he could even get confirmation on the load.

“I can’t even quantify how difficult a process it was to get a price quote and a load out the door. When it comes to freight, delivering to the customer on time is our highest priority, so responsiveness and flexibility become the most important shipping factor,” said Wilson.

Birch Plastics was looking for a logistics solution that would save them time so they could focus on what counts—maintaining impeccable product quality and growing its customer base.


When Wilson answered the phone in the Fall of 2016 and heard that it was Uber Freight on the line, he nearly hung up. In the past, many tech-based transportation services had claimed to be the “Uber for freight” that at first, he didn’t realize Uber Freight actually was Uber. Once Wilson found out they were the same company, his curiosity was officially piqued. A big fan of Uber, he began listening closely. From there, the features of the Uber Freight product sealed the deal and he’s never looked back.

“Uber had an established track record in a different vertical, and Uber Freight aimed to take the same approach with logistics,” he said. “They’ve truly democratized freight.”

Birch Plastics began working with Uber Freight in December of 2016. Wilson estimates that the shipper platform saves him at least two hours on every load, shortening his sales process and helping him close more deals. Birch’s business has thrived as a result.

“I can’t tell you how much easier my life got the very minute I logged into the shipper platform for the first time. The ability to type in simple load details and get a quote without having to wait on 20 people to haggle the price and go back and forth—it instantly made my life easier.”

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