How 1 small fleet owner uses Uber Freight to grow his business

September 6 / US
How 1 small fleet owner uses Uber Freight to grow his business

Technology has the potential to revolutionize trucking, but you don’t have to tell that to Alix Burton, owner of Good Energy Worldwide. When Alix first learned about Uber Freight, he knew that he wanted to be a part of the next wave of change.

“We got signed up with Uber Freight immediately and ran our first load.”

Alix, who now has a fleet of 11 trucks, continues to work with Uber Freight. He’s a fan of the transparency, flexibility, and control it provides his business.

Loads available 24/7

One of the things Alix likes most about Uber Freight is that finding loads on the app simplifies his workflow—no matter the time of day. “It’s been amazing, especially with the flexibility of the hours,” Alix said. “We don’t actually have to call somebody to book a load,” he said, a huge time saver.

Additionally, the Uber Freight app also makes it a breeze for Alix and his team to find and book loads. With just a few taps, he can make sure he has the work his drivers need. That ease of use has helped to make the app one of the most important tools at Good Energy Worldwide. “We’ve done so much business with Uber Freight,” he said.

Controlling the workday

Alix isn’t the only one at Good Energy Worldwide who likes using Uber Freight—his drivers do, too. For driver Quinton Wages, being able to control his work routine from anywhere on the road is a powerful benefit. “I definitely enjoy looking at my phone and being able to pick and choose where I want to go,” Quinton said.

Open access to a wide range of loads available on the Uber Freight network is very important to Quinton. “When all else fails, Uber has loads,” he said. “They make it 10 times easier. It’s a necessity.”

No matter if you’re a fleet owner or an owner-operator, Uber Freight empowers you with the ground-breaking technology and access to loads you need. Learn more about how we work with carriers here.

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