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With the Uber Freight shipper platform, customers can share shipment locations with just a few clicks.

How Uber Freight helped this two-man company keep healthy margins, streamline operations, and increase efficiency throughout its supply chain.

After launching in the Netherland earlier this year, Uber Freight is now expanding to Germany.

Uber Freight’s senior director Bill Driegert comments on the changing logistics landscape.

This level of flexibility offers a new level of control—and savings—in shipping operations.

Ocean Spray and Uber Freight are working together to create an intelligent supply chain and sustainable business for generations of families.

The Uber Freight platform for shippers has helped Birch Plastics save time on booking so they can focus on what counts—providing dependable service for customers.

Since the debut of the shipper platform, we’ve added new functionality and refined its capabilities even further.

Uber Freight helped Argo Fine Imports spend less time negotiating prices from brokers and more time booking loads.

“Uber Freight brings incredible capacity when it comes to shipping.” — Hari Ashvini of SAP