It takes a little more than luck to deliver on St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 / US
It takes a little more than luck to deliver on St. Patrick’s Day

First celebrated in 1671 to commemorate the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has become one of America’s most beloved imports. And, if you didn’t know, our HQ at the Old Post Office in Chicago has a front row seat to one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the world. Each year, over 2 million spectators gather to celebrate as we dye the Chicago River green – a tradition that dates back 61 years. It’s an annual celebration that certainly gives us a welcome taste of Irish cheer.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day is gearing up to be bigger than ever. With more than half (61%) of Americans planning on celebrating the holiday, experts are forecasting consumer spending to reach $6 billion on all things Irish – including green attire, corn beef and cabbage dinners, and more. And of course, a little liquid luck tends to be a major part of St. Patrick’s Day, often in the form of Irish whiskeys and stouts. 

As the third largest drinking holiday in the world, it’s crucial that alcohol distributors prepare for the demand surge to ensure no glass runs empty. So, how do they keep up with all things green, including the over 13 million pints of beer being sold? 

More than just the luck of the Irish

The process begins far in advance of St. Patrick’s Day. To evaluate just how much alcohol will be needed to keep both pubs and homes well-stocked, distributors first analyze data from previous years to inform their production. By looking at fluctuations year over year, they make informed predictions about future demand to minimize shortages or inventory excess leading to waste. Believe it or not – beer gets stale.

Breweries then temporarily increase production based on calculated demand. Technology streamlines this process, providing accurate analytics to inform just how much ale needs to be produced. Because beer is fermented for 2-3 weeks under very specific conditions, software enables breweries to carefully monitor each batch to maintain quality and consistency, tracking things like ingredients, temperatures, and expiration dates.

After the millions of cans and bottles have been capped, sealed and labeled, they’re loaded onto trucks for distribution across the country. In March, beer trucks travel over 4.7 million miles to prepare for St. Patrick’s Day, keeping carriers busy as demand rises. With so much ale on the road, it’s even more essential to leverage technology solutions. By offering access to capacity, real-time pricing and load tracking, Uber Freight keeps the process as efficient as possible for shippers.

St. Patrick's Day - infographic


Ensuring that celebrations don’t run dry on St. Patrick’s Day is a complex process that requires such careful planning and execution that it feels as though luck is involved. But, with the scale of this holiday getting bigger year after year, breweries and distributors can’t just rely on luck. 

With the help of Uber Freight, they can leverage the power of AI-powered pricing tools, real-time tracking, analytics, and more to perfect their logistics operation to meet the surge in demand. Our managed transportation solutions optimize every step of the process, leveraging real-time data to drive efficiency amid high demand – delivering the “Luck of the Irish.” 

To learn more about Uber Freight can help you forecast and navigate fluctuations in demand, connect with an expert.

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