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Frequently Asked Questions about Uber Freight in Europe

January 1, 2018 / US
Frequently Asked Questions about Uber Freight in Europe

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What is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight is transforming the trucking industry by enabling carriers and their drivers to push a button and book a load at an upfront price instead of wasting hours or even days negotiating their work on the phone. Uber’s global experience of rapidly building and optimizing transportation networks unlocks value for everyone involved.

How does Uber Freight work?

Uber Freight will operate under Dutch law as what is called a ‘Freight Forwarder’ (expediteur). This means that we will connect shippers that want to ship their goods to carriers that comply with applicable rules. Similar to the Rides business, we believe we can use our technology and experience to make transportation more efficient (currently 21% of trucks on the road in Europe are empty).

Who Does Uber Freight Serve?

Owner Operators, Carriers & their Drivers

Uber Freight is building a better way for carriers and shippers to work together. Uber Freight has the power to transform how trucking companies and drivers operate. By providing upfront and transparent pricing, fast payment, and the ability to book loads from a marketplace with the touch of a button, Uber Freight is revolutionizing road transportation. By providing access to all carriers, Uber Freight is enabling all carriers to build thriving businesses. Historically, carriers don’t receive payment in a timely manner. With Uber Freight, carriers can now expect payment within days or even hours of receiving proof of delivery, revolutionizing the industry status quo.


Uber Freight is building a freight marketplace that provides all shippers real-time access to price and capacity, enabling them to move freight seamlessly, with transparency and reliability that was previously not possible. Our logistics on demand platform (“Uber Freight for shippers”) provides a direct plug-in to that marketplace, sharing the simplicity of the Uber Freight app directly with shippers, while bringing a new level of transparency and efficiency to the freight booking process. Every load is an opportunity to improve, and grow, our shippers’ and carriers’ businesses.

When will you go to other European countries?

We will be first focusing on our Netherlands-based operations and on serving local carrier, driver, and shipper communities. We will look to expand into other European countries in time, and in close partnership with the appropriate stakeholders.

How much does it cost to use the Uber Freight platform?

Using the platform comes at no cost to shippers and carriers. There are no fixed prices or fixed service fees. Uber keeps the difference between the buy and sell price.

Will the same rules apply to Uber Freight as to other players?

Yes, all the same rules will apply. Uber Freight will adhere to all applicable national and EU regulations as any other Dutch freight forwarder. Similarly, shippers, carriers and their drivers that wish to use our platform will need to meet all relevant requirements.


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