How to request lumper fees in the Uber Freight app

May 24 / US
How to request lumper fees in the Uber Freight app

At Uber Freight, our mission is to move the trucking industry forward—now more than ever. One of the ways we do that is by automating routine paperwork to help carriers get back on the road faster. 

Recently, we simplified our process for requesting a lumper fee. As you’ll see in the tutorial below, you can now request a lumper fee in the Uber Freight app with just a few taps. Best of all, drivers no longer need to call Uber Freight to request a lumper fee. 

Additionally, we made an important change to our lumper fee policy. All requests for lumper fee reimbursement must be submitted, with a receipt, within 24 hours of delivery.

Requesting express codes

When you’re at the receiver facility, go to the load details page and open the delivery facility, then tap “Request express code.” This button will not be available until you are at the facility.

Adding lumper info

Enter the lumper company’s Tax ID and service rate. Tap “Continue” to get your express code. 

Providing lumper code

Give the code to the lumper company and they will use it to get paid through Comchek.

Uploading lumper receipt

After your final delivery, be sure to upload the lumper receipt to the Uber Freight app. Please note: All lumper receipts must be uploaded within 24 hours.

At Uber Freight, we’re continuously improving our technology to make life easier for carriers. To see how we can make your workday run more smoothly, sign up with Uber Freight now.

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