A longtime driver on how small details can make or break a business

August 26 / US
A longtime driver on how small details can make or break a business

Jeff Like knows a thing or two about trucking, and he isn’t afraid to tell it to you straight, either. Over his 28 years as a driver, 26 of them as an owner-operator, he’s seen more ups and downs in the freight industry than most road warriors. Today, he owns Like Trucking that has 9 owner-operators running under his authority.

Even after a career filled with long days and countless miles, Jeff is a passionate advocate for trucking. In fact, he shares his decades of experience on his YouTube channel, Big Rig Radio Network. On his videos, you’ll hear his unvarnished takes about current rates, the differences between working for giant and small carriers, insurance, and more.

As Jeff told Uber Freight, there’s money in trucking, you just got to know how to earn it. Below, we captured some of his ideas on how he keeps his business running strong.

It all adds up

The way Jeff sees it, many owner-operators don’t pay attention to the details that can make or break a trucking business. Rate per mile is important, but it won’t save a driver who doesn’t mind the small expenses that can turn a positive rate into a negative one.

Jeff has always kept a sharp eye on his expenses. From the beginning as an owner-operator, he recorded his outflows on a spreadsheet to help him understand and manage his finances. On his YouTube channel, he advises his viewers to use computer software to maintain profitability.

Raise your pay with discounts

The money you save is just as important as the money you earn. One of the ways Jeff keeps his trucking running in the black is Uber Freight Plus, a program that provides a wide range of discounts on tires, mobile phone plans, maintenance, and more. As a matter of fact, he recently tapped into one of the largest Uber Freight Plus discounts available—a rebate for the purchase of a used truck. He maxed out the rebate and saved $4,000 on his truck.

Jeff encourages all his owner-operators to take advantage of the Uber Freight Plus program. Many Like Trucking drivers use the Uber Freight app to find and book loads. They like the easy-to-use interface and report that the Uber Freight support team is very friendly and always there when needed.

Find your zone

Every fleet owner and owner-operator has their own idea of what makes for the best loads. Like Trucking is based out of Michigan, and for Jeff, he prefers shorter runs. Working within a tighter area that he is very familiar with enables him to have better control of his fuel efficiency.

One of the added bonuses of staying closer to home is that most of his truck fixes and regular maintenance are performed locally. This enables him to work with shops that have a proven track record of delivering value.

Watch and learn

To hear more insights from Jeff, be sure to check out Big Rig Radio Network on YouTube. His channel boasts nearly 10,000 subscribers and his “School’s in Session” series offers insights to help owner-operators elevate their game.

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