How Uber Freight Is Bringing Pricing Visibility to Narragansett Beer

November 30 / US
How Uber Freight Is Bringing Pricing Visibility to Narragansett Beer

In 1890, Narragansett brewed the first barrel of what would become a beloved craft beer. Less than 30 years later, it was the best-selling brew in the Northeastern U.S.

Today, Narragansett is brewing more than ever before. To get this cold, fresh beer from their fermenting tanks into the hands (and mouths) of their customers all over the country, Narragansett relies on forward-thinking shipping solutions. This intersection is where a partnership with Uber Freight gives them an edge.

“Partnering with Uber Freight has been a good move,” says Bill Heslam, VP of Operations at Narragansett, “We’re doing what we can to stay innovative, to continue to build the brand so that it lives on for another 120 years.”

Narragansett counts on Uber Freight to arrange reliable and efficient deliveries so they can continue to build strong relationships with the people who drink their beer. “One of the most important things about the Uber Freight platform is the transparency. The ability to tender a load quickly, ensure that it’s going to be picked up, and track it all the way to the destination point — that’s the level of transparency and efficiency that Uber Freight offers that I haven’t been able to get with any other freight partner.”

This transparency is made possible through tools like the new Lane Explorer feature on Uber Freight’s shipper platform. Lane Explorer gives shippers like Narragansett unprecedented visibility into market conditions, using machine learning technology to track and show the best prices on a shipper’s most-used lanes. “It’s great to be able to look at a two-week window and decide whether or not it makes sense to ship something on a Monday, Wednesday, or the following Monday — and that visibility is something I haven’t seen anybody else do.”

“As we look forward, we expect Narragansett to continue to grow in complexity, and we look to expand our partnership with Uber Freight.”

Cheers, neighbor. Have a ‘Gansett, from Uber Freight.


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