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Increasing Shipper-Carrier Collaboration with Transplace’s Planned Continuous Moves Lanehub Platform

June 8, 2020 / US
Increasing Shipper-Carrier Collaboration with Transplace’s Planned Continuous Moves Lanehub Platform

When Lanehub founder and CEO, Mark Hackl, left his position as part of Schreiber Foods’ transportation team in 2015, he had a single mission in mind: Develop a low-cost solution that makes collaboration simple between shippers and carriers. He aimed to use his 20 years of industry knowledge to make shipping more efficient and freight lanes more visible and transparent, not through spreadsheets full of data, but through technology.

Years of fundraising, investments, and improving the product led to opportunities to showcase Lanehub’s cloud-based collaborative solution to the logistics community, such as their demonstration at FreightWaves’ Transparency18 event in 2018.

In early 2020, Transplace acquired Lanehub, a cloud-based platform and community that encourages shipper-carrier collaboration by automatically identifying and connecting companies with complementary freight lanes to help shippers save on shipping expenses. The transportation community provides its members with opportunities to collaboratively source reliable, contracted capacity on recurring, consistent lanes at a sustainable lower cost from carriers and private/dedicated fleets by matching headhauls and backhauls.

Lanehub Integration with Transplace TMS

The Lanehub acquisition bolstered Transplace’s Network Services for its customers by providing the technology to deploy Planned Continuous Moves. Transplace’s transportation network is used to identify and execute continuous move shipments, increasing truck utilization and reducing transportation costs. The integration with Lanehub added automation and enhancements to the solution and the Lanehub collaborative network expanded opportunities for the combined shipper community. Customers within the combined networks have the ability to lock in competitive rates, reduce inefficiency, and maintain carrier capacity.

Solving Capacity Issues through Collaboration

Under-utilized capacity and empty miles result in added costs and inefficiencies for shippers and carriers. With the ubiquitous adoption of technology across the industry, Lanehub  identifies synergies faster and easier so collaborative efforts are ongoing.

Carriers need relationships with shippers along freight lanes or those using the same lanes to reduce empty miles. Shippers, on the other hand, are subject to changing freight rates of carriers, sending out annual RFPs in search of better deals, and losing out on potential cost savings by building relationships with carriers.

Lanehub solved these challenges by creating a Planned Continuous Moves matching system for carriers and shippers. Through Lanehub’s technology, complementary recurring shipping lanes are identified and those in its transportation network are matched and invited to connect with each other.  Shippers can connect with carriers or other shippers to maximize truckload capacity, build synergistic, long-term partnerships, and reduce costs.

Lanehub’s collaboration network includes over 150 shippers, 250 carriers, and 180,000 freight lanes.

Learn More about Freight Lane Matching and Collaboration with Mark Hackl

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

The strategic acquisition of Lanehub has made collaboration simple, transparent, and efficient for Transplace’s more than $9 billion of freight-under-management. To date, Lanehub’s technology has provided 26 million matches within its customer network. With Transplace’s Transportation Management System (TMS) and advanced logistics technology platform combined with Lanehub’s technology, millions more Planned Continuous Moves through freight lane pairings are possible, reducing miles of waste in logistics and supply chains.

Transplace also created a team to assist Lanehub shippers with executing identified and agreed upon Planned Continuous Move opportunities. The team is working as an intermediary for management, tendering, and freight payment activities between shippers, particularly with identified opportunities for private and dedicated fleets.

The integration provides Lanehub with Transplace’s broad range of logistics services and technology, global trade management, and strategic capacity solutions. Transplace optimizes capabilities for Lanehub’s customers, including greater efficiencies, more cost savings, and outstanding customer service.

With the acquisition and integration, both company’s customers gained access to the most advanced transportation technologies, increasing competitive advantage in the marketplace. Customers also have more opportunities to connect and convert traditional one-way moves into more collaborative round trips, improving fleet revenue while significantly reducing empty miles and poor asset utilization.

How can Lanehub and Transplace save you money? Contact your Transplace account team to learn more!

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