Introducing Uber Freight For Shippers — a New Way to Ship

August 21 / US
Introducing Uber Freight For Shippers — a New Way to Ship

When we launched Uber Freight last year, our goal was to revitalize an industry and help freight move seamlessly and effortlessly around the country. Our first step towards achieving this was empowering carriers and their drivers, the heart of the trucking industry, with technology to help them succeed.

With the Uber Freight app, we introduced transparent pricing, fast payments, and the ability for carriers to book a load with the touch of a button. Today, we have a robust network of carriers and drivers who love using Uber Freight to run their businesses and move freight all over the country — from Texas to Wisconsin, California to Florida, and everywhere in between. Now, we’re introducing a platform that delivers the same powerful technology to our shippers so they can instantly tap into our network and manage shipments directly from their desktop.

Uber Freight’s new platform gives shippers of all sizes a direct connection to Uber Freight’s vast carrier network, enabling them to see instant upfront load pricing, tender a load with only a few clicks and track their shipment from start to finish. The platform was built in close collaboration with shippers to help transform a process that would typically take them hours to complete and often leave them in the dark on market prices and whether they were getting the right carrier.

Shippers using Uber Freight can:

  • Tender a load in seconds: Create and tender loads with just a few clicks and dramatically reduce the time and energy it takes to book a shipment.
  • See instant marketplace pricing: Get instant and transparent price quotes for shipments. Uber Freight’s rates are based on market conditions and other factors and generated in real-time.
  • Access Uber Freight’s reliable network of carriers and drivers: Have peace of mind knowing all loads tendered through the shipper platform are backed by Uber Freight’s vast and reliable network of carriers.
  • Track freight in real-time: Track shipments online at any time of day. Automatic notifications for major milestones mean no more searching through an overcrowded inbox for tracking information.
  • Streamline document management: Upon delivery, necessary documents and paperwork are automatically organized and stored for instant and future access.

At Uber Freight we want to reshape the trucking industry by helping carriers and shippers succeed at all levels. Companies like American Tile & Stone and Premier Packaging have already begun using Uber Freight to improve their shipping operations, and we’re excited to now roll out the platform widely to our freight community.

Hear more from our customers below and to sign up, visit our sign-up page.

“Uber Freight is leaps and bounds ahead of what we’ve done in the past. Anybody who doesn’t jump on this type of platform is kidding themselves. The days of using telephones are getting fewer and farther between. If it’s easy to use and you can access it whenever you need to, it’s a no-brainer.”

— Alan Burk, Purchasing Manager, American Tile & Stone

“We’re using Uber Freight every day, and the platform has made everything more organized for our business. The visibility Uber Freight provides is key. Instead of calling and emailing carriers to set up each load, the time and date information is automatically populated and we can check the delivery status at anytime. The platform shows us when our loads leave the origin point, and drivers can submit a photo confirming delivery. Pulling up that [BOL] confirmation with no calls or faxes necessary is a huge help to us, and makes the entire process streamlined and consistent.”

— Moe Heinemann, FellowShip Warehousing and Logistics

“The Uber Freight platform takes the stress out of the booking process. Everything is efficient and simple — like it should be. Our loads are consistently picked up and delivered on time, and we can book, file away, and follow up on delivery day, always confident that our loads are where they need to be.

Uber Freight’s transparency also allows us to make fully-informed booking decisions up front. When we enter date and location information, we can see an instant quote and the time it takes to confirm loads is cut in half. If there’s ever an issue, we have a great relationship and direct communication with the Uber Freight team. We really don’t have anything bad to say about you guys — we can always rely on Uber Freight to handle it.”

— Jeannine Arzillo, Customer Service Representative, Premier Packaging

“As soon as we hit our busy season, it was incredibly helpful to have the extra capacity Uber Freight provides. One of our favorite features is the instant email notification we get when a load is successfully booked. It means we don’t have to take any extra steps to follow-up for confirmation, and the platform gives us added visibility into where our shipments are at key points along the route. That is crucial when we have delivery deadlines to meet.”

— David Magnan, Distribution Manager, Wis-Pak


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