It’s Time to Breakout at the 15th Annual Shipper Symposium!

April 25 / US
It’s Time to Breakout at the 15th Annual Shipper Symposium!

This year, at the 15th annual Shipper Symposium (May 8-10), we are proud to host leading supply chain, business and transportation experts to discuss issues that affect the transportation of goods across the globe. During the event, attendees can make connections and learn about the latest trends and issues faced by shippers. It’s a whole world of knowledge and thought leadership in one location!

Also throughout the event, we’re presenting a variety of breakout sessions all geared towards helping your operations run more efficiently. Here are some highlights from a few of the many great sessions you can check out!

  • Why Partnership & Collaboration is Critical to Supply Chain Transformation: John Walch and Alejandro Obelink from BASF Corporation will discuss why partner relationships and engagement is critical for their organization. John and Alejandro will provide a high-level overview of projects where collaboration with partners have been the key to success for the supply chain and discuss the myriad ways that BASF and Transplace have worked together to improve customer experience and ultimately shape BASF’s North American global strategy for success.
  • Cross-border Trade Management, Compliance & NAFTA: What You Should Know: Learn key trends and upcoming changes that are affecting the Mexican logistics market and understand the latest safety measures and security tactics that impact your business. This group of panelists will discuss customs and cross-border trade management challenges in Mexico, along with new and current regulations. Panelists will also share insight on a much-talked about topic, NAFTA, and the economic impression that it has on logistics.
  • Strategies to Deliver Against Rising Retailer Expectations: Ever-increasing requirements continue to be placed upon shippers and their logistics networks. To be able to serve a rapidly diversifying range of customers, products, markets and channels, organizations need the ability to act with agility, responsiveness and flexibility. In this session, hear from a panel of shippers who will provide strategies and best practices for meeting retailer demands and requirements and providing a seamless customer experience.

All of this year’s breakout sessions are packed with incredible insight and plenty of fun along the way. You can find all of the breakout sessions below!

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