Ms. Diva Trucker Tamara Brock

Tamara Brock always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and as a lease operator and truck driver, she is exactly that — and she loves what she does. Known as Ms. Diva Trucker, she’s been driving reefer freight out of Biloxi, Mississippi for the last four years and loves the independence that comes with driving and running her own business. She’ll also be the first to tell you how vital the job is, “If truck drivers stop for just five days, you wouldn’t have anything!”

What does the future hold for Ms. Diva Trucker? Tamara is part of Trucking Divas Rock, a group of women truck drivers who work to empower other women in the industry. She wants to be a resource and create a support system for others. Even if they thought they’d never be interested in driving trucks, they just might fall in love. Tamara did.

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