Powerloop drop and hook program expands into Georgia

August 26 / US
Powerloop drop and hook program expands into Georgia

Facility detention time is a massive burden to the trucking industry. Detention delays create shipper facility bottlenecks and disrupt supply chains, while carriers cumulatively lose up to $1.3 billion in earnings each year.

These inefficiencies were amplified during the pandemic as driver shortages and safety precautions put excessive strain on shippers to move away from live loads. As more shippers embraced drop and hook, the opportunity for carriers to enter the market grew.

To meet surging demand for drop and hook freight, Powerloop, Uber Freight’s affiliate drop and hook trailer pool company, is expanding into Georgia, the shipping capital of the Southeast. All shipments from Florida and other key East Coast markets go through Georgia, making the Peach State the ideal new market for Powerloop to continue building momentum toward a national network of trailer pools.

With Powerloop, drivers can drop off and pick up preloaded trailers to get back on the road faster. Powerloop lowers the barrier to entry to trailer pools for carriers of all sizes and provides shippers with a more used and fluid network than traditional closed-asset pools. And that enables over 30% reduction in live loading and unloading dwell time.

Powerloop’s expansion into Georgia creates an opportunity to significantly streamline operations for facilities, shippers, and carriers in one of the country’s densest freight hubs. By reducing the amount of touchpoints, drop programs like Powerloop also limit carriers’ person-to-person exposure and increase driver COVID-19 safety.

Carriers embrace Powerloop in Georgia

Since its inception, the Powerloop carrier base has grown by thousands in Texas and California, operating out of hundreds of Fortune 500 customer facilities. 

In 2020, the number of loads using Powerloop trailers increased by approximately 40%, while carrier density grew 10x. Today there are more than 7,000 carriers leveraging the Powerloop network. 

Carriers like Knox Logistics, based in Riverdale, Georgia, have also experienced massive growth with Powerloop. “The most valuable thing we have for our drivers is time, and Powerloop helps us save it like we’ve never seen before,” says Christopher Knox, Head of Knox Logistics.

The solution helped Knox Logistics eliminate 5-6 hours per load, adding up to a full driver’s worth of time saved each day. After just one week with Powerloop, the carrier had already moved nearly 60% of the loads it normally does in a full month. “We’re projecting 2x-3x growth in loads moved,” says Knox.

Uber Freight is excited to continue growing Powerloop and helping thousands of carriers like Knox Logistics streamline operations and put drivers back on the road faster than ever.

To learn more, visit the Powerloop website.

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