Partners in Business and in Life: Meet the Snows

February 14 / US
Partners in Business and in Life: Meet the Snows

Dan and Phyllis Snow are a true team in and out of the truck. They’re the owners of Snow Trucking, and they’ve been driving together for over 13 years. As industry veterans, they’ve seen a lot of changes happen over the years. “Unfortunately the industry has declined so much,” Dan says. “When I started 37 years ago, a truck driver was noted as professional. I really hated seeing that die away.”

Despite the changes, they always aspire to lead by example. Their advice is to have pride in what you do and treat people well. “It’s amazing how much better people treat you when you walk up and say, ‘Good morning, how are you today?'” Dan says. In addition to driving and running their business, the Snows spend time working on “The Goose,” their 1996 Freightliner Classic XL. Among its many features, the truck has a chrome cab floor that Dan built as a Valentine’s Day gift for Phyllis one year. “She’s old and she’s our baby,” Phyllis says. “She’s beautiful.”

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