Truck driver Sharae Moore helps women take the wheel

November 16 / US
Truck driver Sharae Moore helps women take the wheel

When Sharae Moore set her sights on becoming a truck driver, all she wanted was a good job and a little bit of freedom. What she ended up finding was her calling.

Sharae started life behind the wheel like many in the industry—attending a trucking school, then catching on as a company driver. Once on the road full-time, she was surprised by how few female drivers she saw at terminals and truck stops.

In a spark of inspiration, she saw the lack of female drivers for what it truly was—a golden opportunity for women seeking a new career.

Today, Sharae is one of the most visible professional drivers on social media. From her clothing line for women drivers to a pioneering mentorship program, she is helping to redefine what it means to be a woman in trucking.

S.H.E. Trucking

Her first step in becoming a presence in the trucking community arose from something missing in the truck stops she visited. She never found any souvenirs or swag that celebrated her as a female truck driver.

Never one to let a need go unattended, Sharae created S.H.E. Trucking, which stands for Sisterhood Helping Empowerment Trucking. “I started the clothing line because I didn’t see any shirts that said I was a woman truck driver,” Sharae said. Now truck drivers like her can wear their pride on their sleeve.

But what began as an online apparel store soon grew in unexpected ways. “It exposed me to more and more women drivers,” she said. “I paid attention to the questions that they had and realized . . . . they were asking for help, a mentor, guidance, and support in this industry.”

The S.H.E. Trucking website quickly transformed into a broader mission of helping empower women in every aspect of their careers in truck driving. The website features a job board, a business directory, and a professional networking group.

For women considering a career in trucking, Sharae’s site also has advice on how to break into the industry and information about trucking schools.

Mentoring new drivers

As S.H.E. Trucking grew into a community, it was only a matter of time before Sharae started a community page on social media. The S.H.E. Trucking Facebook group currently has over 4,500 members, including both professional truck drivers and women interested in pursuing the career.

Sharae’s growing Facebook group also caught the attention of Facebook itself. In fact, S.H.E. trucking was one of the first groups to use their Mentorship utility on the site.

“We were already starting to mentor women in the community,” Sharae said. “We often hear I want to be trained by a woman, so now you can.”

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