Shippers Find Capacity as Market Tightens with Transplace’s Lanehub Technology

November 11 / US
Shippers Find Capacity as Market Tightens with Transplace’s Lanehub Technology

There’s no question that 2020 has challenged logistics professionals more than any year before. Shippers have faced dramatic capacity fluctuations and variation in supply and demand and are looking at alternative methods to mine capacity.

Steve Barber, Senior VP of Platform at Transplace, recently moderated a webinar to address these challenges and illustrate how the Transplace acquisition of Lanehub meets those needs. Joined by Lanehub founder, Mark Hackl, and VP of software sourcing and procurement, Chandler Hall, the panel included Thomas Fraser of Kimberly-Clark and Michael Bernstein of the Kellogg Company.

Read the webinar highlights or watch it here.

Transportation Collaboration Goals

Reducing cost, maintaining consistent capacity and delivering on-time service to customers are the main goals of most logistics teams. With the tightening of markets, however, the focus has shifted to reducing costs with dedicated fleets.

To capture capacity at a lower cost, shippers have been talking to their networks and sharing spreadsheets of data for over 20 years. Lanehub was created as a way to make the process simpler and take this collaboration to the next level.

Using Technology to Build Relationships

With Transplace’s Lanehub technology, Kimberly-Clark and other shippers have the confidence that they’re talking to the right people so they can find viable matches rapidly.

Companies are only sharing their data with others in the collaboration network if they both agree to share. Building trust between shippers is a key component of optimizing supply chain efficiencies and reducing transportation costs.

Another key component is ensuring financial benefits for everyone involved. Transplace’s Lanehub technology identifies the middle ground to maximize benefits for everyone and helps people avoid wasting time on unviable opportunities.

The Value of Transportation Collaboration

Transplace clients are gaining the ability to grow dedicated fleets with access to consistent third-party back hauls, leading to more control over customer service and inventory.

In addition, for shippers with sustainability initiatives, Transplace’s Lanehub technology helps to meet the goal of taking empty trucks off the road. For shippers with private fleets, they now have the added benefit of getting employees home at night consistently.

Mike Bernstein, Senior Manager of Transportation Capacity Solutions at Kellogg’s, spoke about their experience as a Transplace customer and added benefits of the Lanehub acquisition, “Kellogg’s already uses Transplace for operations so now we can identify collaboration opportunities more quickly and smoothly. With the addition of Lanehub’s technology, we can fill our own dedicated fleets. We’ve been mostly filling other shippers’ backhauls before now.”

Thomas agreed, “The main benefit we’ve seen is a wider net that is available to fill our fleet capacity’s back haul miles. If there are more customers, there are more RFP’s that we’re participating in and potentially more revenue shared.”

How to Get Started with Transplace’s Lanehub technology

There are no special data requirements to get started with Transplace’s Lanehub technology. Simply contact Transplace to learn more about reducing transportation cost, increasing fleet revenue and improving carrier performance.

Is your company looking to grow your dedicated fleets? How are you planning for 2021?

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