Taking Control in a Disrupted World

October 27 / US
Taking Control in a Disrupted World

With capacity constraints, material shortages and other disruptions driving the new normal, supply chain leaders are trying to contain costs, mitigate risks and optimize processes.

Watch the video or listen to Supply Chain Now’s TEKTOK podcast “Taking Control in a Disrupted World,” as host Karin Bursa and Ben Cubitt, SVP of Consulting & Network Services at Transplace, talk to the need for a holistic view of a shipper’s current state—from transportation and warehousing to network wide performance gaps that can hold companies back.

Learn why data is imperative for shippers to be more decisive and reduce friction in the logistics network and discover how Transplace’s consulting practice is helping shippers build 2022 supply chain roadmaps and key areas they’re focusing on to drive cohesion and flow.

To learn more about Transplace’s supply chain consulting practice, capacity solutions and managed transportation services, connect with a Transplace expert.

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