The Uber Freight Carrier Advisory Board

August 22 / US
The Uber Freight Carrier Advisory Board

Listening and learning from drivers at the heart of the industry

Uber Freight relies on a mosaic of experts, from product engineers to logistics specialists. But at the heart of everything we do are truck drivers. They drive our economy, and they also motivate our team, inspiring big innovations and pushing us to create products and structure operations in a way that better services our carrier community.

The 3.5 million men and women hauling loads across the country define the complex and ever-evolving trucking industry. Because of this, there’s only one way to truly understand how it all works — engaging with them on their real-life experiences.

That’s why today we are excited to announce the Uber Freight Carrier Advisory Board (CAB). CAB is a group of carriers and truck drivers from diverse backgrounds — long-haul to short-haul, men and women, owner-ops to company drivers — that we’re bringing together to spark important conversations.

CAB will talk about the trends and big challenges in the industry, from favorite truck stops in America to the driver shortage to ELDs. CAB will also provide honest feedback on Uber Freight’s product and service; feedback we need to keep growing and serving the trucking community the best we can. This collaboration will help inform everything we do at Uber Freight, and we hope eventually, the trucking industry at large.

There is no better time to kick off CAB than during the Great American Trucking Show, where we’ll be on the ground, hosting the board for our first-ever meeting.

But this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to get the conversation started and see where CAB takes Uber Freight next.

CAB comes on the heels of The Weigh-in, our video series that focuses on drivers in various stages of their careers. Check it out below:


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