Three Key Drivers for OTIF Excellence

February 3 / US
Three Key Drivers for OTIF Excellence

By: Tracy Rosser, EVP, Operations, Transplace

Transplace manages more than 800,000 shipments into major retailers each year for iconic brands like Del Monte, Nestlé Waters, Kellogg’s, McCormick and Mars.

With a centralized group focused solely on OTIF excellence, our team of retail logistics experts has deep experience in the OTIF program and the appointment scheduling process to help shippers avoid incurring a 3% fine for noncompliance. Based on our long-term relationships with CPGs and hyper-care, white glove approach, we can anticipate issues and offer solutions to avoid schedule slowdowns, lower overall cost-to-serve and dramatically improve on-time service.

Below we share three key drivers for achieving OTIF excellence with Transplace’s advanced logistics technology and services.

1. Harness the power of a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS)

With fluctuating capacity and more demanding delivery service times, accurate visibility is required to mitigate risks and maintain schedules.

Transplace’s TMS and Global Control Tower offer complete visibility, as well as risk prediction analytics. Shippers can track and trace in real time where their shipments are and optimize route plans. With automated delivery appointments and scheduling, Transplace customers gain greater control of the logistics process.

In addition, our team of CPG and retail supply chain experts create proactive reports for loads scheduled to deliver late, as well as the Carrier Update Compliance report, which identifies leading indicators of service failures.

We use a root cause analysis data tracking system to identify common points of failure. The system spots trends and takes corrective action. After reviewing lead time, live vs. drop, asset vs. broker, delivery appointment times and more, shippers are armed with significant data to make necessary improvements.

2. Take advantage of industry-wide analytics and best practices

Transplace distributes a weekly supplier performance OTIF benchmarking report that is open to all CPG shippers and all participants are anonymously compared to other shippers in the program. With extensive data from our TMS, the benchmark report identifies trends and opens opportunities for shippers to share best practices.

3. Collaborate with your partners

The Transplace team makes recommendations that improve shipper-carrier-retailer relationships. Leveraging more than $11 billion of freight under management allows us to look for carriers that may be a better fit for a CPG’s specifications. Transplace’s Network Services provides significant advancements in multi-shipper collaborations, improved capacity and cost management. Shippers can be matched to the carriers and routes that will best improve delivery times. In addition, TNS optimizes shipments while minimizing deadhead and wasted miles.

Transplace’s commitment to hyper-care elevates collaboration, trust and continuous improvement for OTIF performance.

Download our OTIF Excellence infographic

OTIF Infographic

Learn more about Transplace’s OTIF excellence program and weekly supplier performance benchmarking report here.

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