Transplace Think Tank: Custom, Actionable Data with a Human Touch

June 22 / US
Transplace Think Tank: Custom, Actionable Data with a Human Touch

A few months ago, through the support of Steve Moore, Vice President, Operations at Transplace, employees Jordan Donmoyer, Matthew Todd, Nolan Plourde, Zain Abdeen and Parker Belden created something entirely new at Transplace: a “Think Tank”. Their mission? To “influence those around us with a revolutionary mindset of continuous improvement by cultivating empowered thought leaders.”

The Think Tank has been working to optimize reporting for their customers and create new, more efficient custom reports for unique requests. And in order to truly innovate when it comes to company-wide analysis and reporting efficiency, they’ve been using updated processes to go beyond the traditional way of thinking.

From left to right: Parker Belden, Jordan Donmoyer, Matthew Todd, Nolan Plourde and Zain Abdeen

The team began by taking a step back from traditional reporting structures and asking if there is a “better way” – all with the goal of continuous improvement for the customer. They realized that many of the customer reports they had been working on required a lot of manual labor that could be done by more efficient formulas for better, easier-to-use results. The subsequent reporting system they created utilizes four core pillars of reporting and analysis:

  • Accuracy/Data Integrity
  • Ease of Access to Information
  • Visual Design
  • Front End Time Consumption

Basic reports often begin as a fairly hard-to-interpret spreadsheet – but for the Think Tank, that data is merely the starting point. They’ve been working together to create new reports that put data together in an actionable way, make it more easily digestible and very easy for the customer to access, analyze, and put to work for their business.

This enhanced way of reporting allows for personalized reports for each and every customer that clearly aligns with their business goals. As a result of this new method, reports that used to take an hour to set up and now take around 10 minutes, and those that took around three hours now take only 40 minutes. And since the inception of the Think Tank, these ideas have spread, driving new ways of automating previously tedious reporting systems. Their enhanced value delivery and project analysis ensures that this team truly is “turning over every rock looking for value” for the customer.

Due to the effort and leadership of the of the team chosen as the initial Advisory Board of the Think Tank, there were a number of great reactions from Transplace customers to their critical thinking and improved reporting results:

  • One customer was able to both reduce time spent on reporting and realize best-in-class OTIF reporting.
  • Another customer reduced time consumption and improved visualizations for a suite of reporting. This resulted in more easily-identifiable trends and more productive meetings that get to the heart of what matters to the customer and drive concrete action.

The Think Tank continues to focus on putting actionable business intelligence and analytics to work for the customer, all while maintaining a human aspect to this newly automated process. The automation and technical setup of the reporting is only the first part of the equation – people who are thinking critically are integral as they innovate new, creative ways of providing excellence to the customer.

Could the reporting in your organization be more efficient?

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