Transplace Think Tank: Mitigating the Effect of Natural Disasters on Your Supply Chain

October 17 / US
Transplace Think Tank: Mitigating the Effect of Natural Disasters on Your Supply Chain

Earlier this year, through the support of Steve Moore, Vice President, Operations at Transplace, employees Jordan Donmoyer, Matthew Todd, Nolan Plourde, Zain Abdeen and Parker Belden created a “Think Tank” at Transplace. Their ongoing mission is to “influence those around us with a revolutionary mindset of continuous improvement by cultivating empowered thought leaders.”

The Think Tank has been working to optimize reporting for Transplace’s customers and create new, more efficient custom reports for unique requests. And when recent hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires began wreaking havoc on supply chains, they set out to discover: “How have recent natural disasters affected our customers’ transportation networks?” and “What can we do in the future to mitigate these disruptions as soon as possible?”

From a global reporting perspective, the Think Tank wanted to use actionable data and predictive analytics to help their customers minimize disruptions from natural disasters. Through new optimized reporting, they are striving to communicate the potential effects of these events, stay on top of current transportation issues and get the right communication out to customers as soon as possible – actively changing how Transplace is looking at supply chain disruptions.

And while the Think Tank excels in mining actionable information and impactful reporting, they also are actively syndicating this information to Transplace’s own internal account teams. When a named storm is on the horizon, the team can look at potentially impacted areas and develop processes to help make quick decisions ahead of the actual impact of the storm. Relevant data can then be extracted and applied to a “blueprint” for subsequent natural events, improving the outcome each time. By sharing these predictive analytics with internal teams at Transplace, the Think Tank enables them to help all of their customers mitigate any potential supply chain turmoil.

To make the data they are uncovering all the more actionable, the Think Tank put together a Tableau infographic which maps out the weather event situation, including rainfall, emergency efforts and FAM and non-FAM linehaul rates and usage. The infographic includes public data from FEMA and the National Weather Service, and also shows a history of similar natural events for impact comparison.

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The Think Tank was also able to pinpoint shipments coming in and out of areas being impacted by the storm and act accordingly – see below for an example of the areas affected by Hurricane Irma. All of this data put to work enabled a number of Transplace’s customers to quickly act and partially mitigate the impact of the named hurricanes on their transportation networks.

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And the data doesn’t stop there: the Think Tank is continuing to look for new and innovative ways to stay on top of their customers’ networks and transportation management processes, and help them navigate potential risks. Stay tuned here on the blog for more to come from the Think Tank!

How have recent natural events affected your transportation?

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