The Transplace Think Tank Puts Data to Work: Carrier Conversations & Shipper Solutions

March 26 / US
The Transplace Think Tank Puts Data to Work: Carrier Conversations & Shipper Solutions

The Transplace Think Tank has been striving to identify new ways to use corporate intelligence and put actionable data to work to support the decisions made for our customers each and every day. For example, when a number of storms hit in the fall of 2017, the Think Tank members created a dashboard that allowed customers full visibility of all affected shipments. This allowed teams to work together to make strategic decisions to overcome any shipper obstacles and put a plan into action to work around any routes that were disrupted by the storms.

This methodology has, in turn, led the team down new pathways to better address the various challenges facing the transportation industry. Specifically, capacity constraints, which stem from a number of sources (e.g. driver shortages, supply and demand equilibrium and the booming economy), are causing our customers some serious headaches in 2018. In response, the data mined by the Think Tank continues to enable the team to utilize corporate visibility to gain access to actionable data for each individual customer – and then work together to solve problems.

Recently, the Think Tank has been working on a new dashboard that enables a network-wide view of tender acceptance performance and its initial and ongoing financial impact.

A New Perspective: Tender Acceptance and Carrier Data

From a tender acceptance perspective, the team wanted to glean a network-wide barometer of how Transplace’s customers are performing. The process began by identifying various ways to utilize overall corporate intelligence to mine actionable data that provides carrier decision support, leading to the development of a new dashboard that allows the team that enhanced visibility.

The Think Tank wanted to use metrics to truly understand what was happening in the carrier network and drive conversation for continued improvement – and carriers, in turn, have been very receptive to seeing the data and taking that information into account. Having that conversation with each carrier partner is how the team makes metrics truly meaningful.

Creating New Tools for Enhanced Success

The Think Tank is working to evolve the tool to provide corporate visibility like never before and utilize it to drive carrier base behavior. When there are instances of poor tender acceptance or carrier performance, data can be used to most effectively communicate what that carrier (or shipper) can do to improve, and a performance action plan can be created. Ultimately, this helps the team continue to thrill each customer by reducing cost and improving service.

The process is about corrective action first and a procurement event to capture the capacity second. Understanding network shifts is important, and that data can help promote a knowledgeable conversation with the carrier base. This enables the team to work as partners with our service providers while also maintaining the all-important responsibility to the shippers we serve.

Ongoing Success: Always Striving to Improve

Solving for immediate problems is important, but it’s also critical that each time the team innovates, it adds to the value of the entire transportation management community at Transplace. This enables an actionable platform to build upon and spurs holistic innovation – for every Transplace customer. These foundations are critical and allow for continued, scalable value, and the team continues to build upon this infrastructure with a growing, developing platform.

At Transplace, we don’t take an individualistic approach to our customers, as there is a tremendous amount of data the team can utilize for greater decision-making. It is critical to constantly innovate new internal tools to continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. The Think Tank will continue to develop these valuable enhanced reporting tools and find new ways to thrill our customers well into the future.

Stay tuned here on Logistically Speaking as the Think Tank continues to roll out new ways to put data to work for our customers each and every day!

 How are you using actionable data in your organization?

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