Transportation Market Constraints: Developing a Shipper Action Plan

June 23 / US
Transportation Market Constraints: Developing a Shipper Action Plan

The transportation market, along with supply and demand, continues to be off balance following pandemic disruptions. That imbalance is causing tight capacity, increased rates and ongoing uncertainty for supply chain leaders.

Shippers need an action plan to maintain reliability and resiliency in the face of dynamic circumstances.

Watch the video interview with Talking Logistics host and founder, Adrian Gonzalez and Transplace leaders, Tracy Rosser and Ben Cubitt as they discuss critical questions influencing shipper strategies, including:

  • What are the main factors impacting the transportation market today?
  • How can shippers find capacity without killing their budget?
  • How can technology help shippers meet their service and cost objectives?

To learn more about Transplace’s Transportation Management System, Capacity Services, Network Services and the ways we customize our solutions to support supply chain strategies and logistics goals, reach out to us at

*The above is an excerpt of an article first published in Talking Logistics</>.

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