Uber Freight and Blue Yonder partner to bolster supply chain resilience amid market uncertainty

July 9 / US
Uber Freight and Blue Yonder partner to bolster supply chain resilience amid market uncertainty

Businesses of all sizes increasingly need to make real-time decisions about their supply chains to navigate an unpredictable market. 

We’re partnering with leading AI/ML supply chain provider, Blue Yonder, via direct API integration into Blue Yonder’s transportation management solution to power the dynamic pricing discovery solution. The solution delivers instant, market-based pricing to shippers, enabling them to make fast decisions and operate their businesses in real-time. Shippers can move loads with the confidence that their prices reflect the current state of the market – and lock in available capacity instantly to ensure service stays consistent and reliable for every customer.

Proactive 14-day planning and reactive decision-making capabilities with the Uber Freight API mean reduced overhead costs and flexible, scalable operations for shippers, and the ability to deliver consistent, world-class customer experiences with every load.

Uber Freight’s partnership with Blue Yonder will provide businesses the innovative tools they need to implement digital transformation in their freight process, enabling end-to-end visibility from planning to execution. Together, we’re making our tech-forward approach to freight – from real-time pricing to instant capacity – available to more businesses looking for more foresight and control of their operations in today’s dynamic market.

Laurent Hautefeuille, Head of Business Development at Uber Freight

With the help of APIs, businesses will be better prepared to respond to market uncertainty and build resilient supply chains. This partnership marks our fifth major API integration, and we’ll continue to grow our suite of integrations with industry leaders like Blue Yonder. 

Read more about the Blue Yonder partnership here.

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