Uber Freight Deliver brings together shippers and industry leaders

September 24 / US
Uber Freight Deliver brings together shippers and industry leaders

In early September, Uber Freight hosted its annual Deliver conference for shippers. Part celebration of the partnerships that shape Uber Freight and part professional educational forum, Deliver 19 showcased opportunities in today’s market, discussed the future of Uber Freight, and touched on industry trends.


“Deliver 19 is a collective learning experience where we can all contribute,” said Lior Ron, head of Uber Freight. “It’s all about listening and feedback to build a better future together.”

Headlining Deliver 19 were presentations from Uber Freight leadership and Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber. The conference also featured workshops and lectures led by logistic experts from MIT and panel discussions with some leading innovators, including Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP.

The future of freight

Deliver 19 kicked off in San Francisco with a happy hour that showcased the power of the Uber platform. Highlights included a virtual-reality (VR) tour of Uber Air from the Elevate team. Uber Air is an aerial ridesharing service with plans to launch in 2023. In addition to Uber Air, the event featured products from Uber for Business, Jump, Uber Eats, and Uber ATG.

The next morning, the conference continued with a keynote from Lior, Delivering better service with digital innovation. The presentation highlighted Uber Freight’s plans for the future and showed how we harness Uber’s expertise in transportation and personal mobility to create more efficient and reliable shipping.

“We all have a choice,” Lior said. We can be reactionary or we can be visionary, and we are committed on this journey with you to define the future of this industry.”

The keynote also detailed how digital innovation is driving change for carriers through the Uber Freight app, facility ratings, and new carrier web portal.

On the shipper side of the equation, Lior shared information on a few major milestones: Uber Freight launching in Germany and the Netherlands, and Powerloop expanding into California.

“We believe that by truly adopting digital transformation, we can provide you exceptional value and service,” Lior said.

Chris Caplice, Senior Research Scientist and Founder of MIT FreightLab, led two roundtable sessions later that day. The first one centered on facility operations and how to speed up the experience for carriers.

“For drivers, time is money,” Chris said. “Facilities are one space where time is out of their control.”

The second roundtable focused on trends and innovations in transportation procurement. Both sessions were highly interactive to take advantage of “the experts sitting around the tables.”

The afternoon included a panel discussion of digital technology for the supply chain. It featured 4 logistics solutions companies: Samsara, Flexe, 6 River Systems, and Nascent. The presentation focused on integrating hardware and software to create efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Accelerating success

The final day of Deliver 19 opened with the “Driver First” panel discussion. Kate Kaufman, Director of Account Management at Uber Freight, moderated the discussion with transportation executives, representing some of our premier enterprise customers. The key takeaway was that to become a “shipper of choice,” businesses need to listen to carriers and implement changes based on the feedback they are hearing.

The panel discussion also highlighted Uber Freight’s Shipper Advisory Board, a group leading the charge to empower shippers by developing best practices, unlocking opportunities for elevating the lives of carriers and their drivers, and implementing sustainability and innovation.

Next, Deliver 19 featured conversations with Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO. The first conversation was with Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. The discussion centered around their leadership styles and how to grow a company. According to Bill, transparency, trust, and authenticity are the keys to both building a business and being a leader. They also discussed how the recent Uber Freight and SAP partnership will help reshape logistics across every sector of the economy.

During the second conversation, Lior interviewed Dara about his time at Uber, key milestones of his tenure so far, and how Uber Freight is developing Uber’s enterprise capability. Dara envisions that Uber Freight will become an entire fulfillment ecosystem, providing end-to-end fulfillment at every level of business.

The day closed with an exploration of sustainability in logistics led by Professor Yossi Sheffi, Director at MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. His presentation provided a realistic framework for enterprise shippers to model their operations to achieve sustainable operations.

Reaction to this year’s conference has been tremendously positive, posting record-breaking attendance. We are already working on Deliver 2020, with plans to expand the number of partners and attendees even further.

To see how you can bring innovation to your supply chain, learn more about working with Uber Freight.


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