German carrier shares the ease of finding backhauls with Uber Freight

October 4 / US
German carrier shares the ease of finding backhauls with Uber Freight

Too many kilometers running empty. Driver shortages. A lack of transparency. Europe’s freight market is in many ways like the one in the US. One carrier looking to make progress through innovative solutions is Schlundt Transport GmbH, an 85-truck fleet.

When Uber Freight expanded operations into Germany, Alexander Klein, CEO of Schlundt Transport, was eager to sign up. Alexander, who has a strong background in IT and business development, believes that Uber Freight will give Schlundt numerous advantages toward keeping its customers, dispatchers, and drivers happy.

Upping load efficiency

One problem German carriers struggle with is an excess of deadhead miles—something Uber Freight improves upon. “If you look for backhauls, well-known platforms offer little opportunities,” Alexander said.

He appreciates how the Uber Freight app simplifies the process of securing backhauls. A dispatcher can view potential loads, confirm pricing, and book it within minutes on the app. This technology not only enables his team to keep trucks running efficiently, but it also saves them considerable time, increasing their productivity.

Retaining drivers

According to recent research, close to 40% of German truck drivers will retire in the next 10 years. In such a competitive job market, Alexander believes Uber Freight’s technology will help him keep drivers happy. The Uber Freight app is easy to use, which can help to make their workday run more smoothly.

Monitoring progress

Just like most freight companies, hitting tight delivery windows is a huge factor in Schlundt Transport’s long-term success. “Uber Freight offers better opportunities to track the status of loads,” Alexander said.

One of the ways Uber Freight enables carriers to oversee the progress of their loads is through real-time tracking. Dispatchers can open the load anytime to see where the shipment is on a map. Additionally, they can set up email alerts to be sent when the load reaches key points of the journey, such as arriving at the delivery location.

Best of all, this transparency is provided automatically, without the need of contacting a driver directly.

Are you a carrier or shipper based in Europe? Learn more about how Uber Freight can help you make the most of every kilometer.


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