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Uber Freight expands its operations to Germany

July 24, 2019 / US
Uber Freight expands its operations to Germany

Following the successful launch in the Netherlands, Uber Freight will now introduce its logistics on-demand platform in Germany, Europe’s leading road transport market. The introduction of Uber Freight follows a recent call for action by the German industry to address logistical bottlenecks and severe driver shortages in the road transport sector.

“In an increasingly demanding sector, Uber Freight has the power to unlock efficiencies that drive the entire German industry forward,” said Daniel Buczkowski, Uber Freight’s Head of European Expansion. “With a global network and proven technology at scale, we look forward to seamlessly connect carriers with shipper’s loads, creating an environment in which everyone can benefit.”

German shippers and carriers have many of the same pain points as their European counterparts and can benefit from the technology Uber Freight has developed. For example, the German trucking market is experiencing a severe shortage of drivers. The World Bank estimates that around 40% of German truck drivers will retire in the next 10 years, creating a shortfall of 150,000 drivers. Moreover, of the time drivers are on the road, 21% of the total miles traveled are empty. Inefficiency of this scale results in shippers struggling to find available drivers to move their goods.

Additionally, small- to medium-sized carriers in Germany make up more than 90% of the carrier pool, and just like in other international freight markets, they experience the most difficulties connecting with larger shippers. Uber Freight’s on-demand marketplace will enable carriers of all sizes to participate in the market, and with that increase efficiency as well as reduce wasted miles and fuel.

Uber is a global company with a global mindset for its Freight business. Expansion into Europe was an important first step toward bringing our vision of a more efficient, transparent freight marketplace to the international stage. As we grow, we will endeavor to be a reliable partner to European carriers, shippers, and everyone who’s working to build a bright future for Europe’s logistics industry.


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