In Europe, Uber Freight creates efficiency and goodwill for carriers

November 6 / US
In Europe, Uber Freight creates efficiency and goodwill for carriers

Since its start in the United States, Uber Freight harnessed experience as a global logistics innovator to make trucking better for both carriers and shippers. Now with the launch of Uber Freight in Europe, the Old World is getting a new way to move freight.

“I was lucky to be chosen to move the first load for Uber Freight in Europe,” said Sjors Gerits, Manager, GP Trans, a carrier that specializes in expedited delivery, running out of the Netherlands. In June, GP Trans used Uber Freight to deliver a load to Heineken.

Right from that first load, Sjors realized many of the advantages Uber Freight offers: finding and booking loads easily, electronic documentation, and payment within 7 days of submitting the POD.

“What it means for the future is that much more efficient runs, and more runs, can be made,” he said.

The Uber Freight app advantage

In the logistics industry, being the first to try something different can be daunting, but for Sjors, he was ready to break new ground if it meant better results. For him, Uber Freight represented a technological advancement European trucking urgently needs.

One component of the app he appreciates is the ability to find loads 24/7. As with any carrier, finding loads is a high priority and the Uber Freight app makes it simple for him to book the loads required to keep his fleet moving. In particular, he likes to scan for loads using the map display. “If it’s in the vicinity, we only need to click and within seconds the shipment is booked,” he said.

Another aspect of the app he likes is its ability to file paperwork electronically. Using the camera on a mobile phone, drivers can take a picture of the proof of delivery and upload it immediately. “This is directly sent to Uber Freight and they can ensure payment is made within 7 days,” Sjors said.

Improving the lives of drivers

Sjors sees not only advantages for himself, but for those behind the wheel, too. Just like in the United States, Europe struggles with a driver shortage. Creating a positive work experience is essential to hiring and retaining these high-valued employees at GP Trans.

Facility ratings, he feels, will be invaluable to enhancing each driver’s day. Being able to see star ratings provides high-level feedback about a facility. What’s more, written reviews can bring additional insight into how a facility runs and what kind of driver amenities are available, such as showers and sleeping areas. “It’s nice that the drivers can share this amongst themselves in the app,” Sjors said.

The app also reduces the burden on drivers by being easy to use. The intuitive interface puts all the necessary load information right at the driver’s fingertips. “This results in less stress and less work pressure,” Sjors said.

GP Trans made history as the first carrier to ship a load using Uber Freight in Europe. To see how Uber Freight can help your company roll into the future, visit the Uber Freight website.

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