Uber Freight and Intuit make invoicing easy for shippers with QuickBooks Online

August 3 / US
Uber Freight and Intuit make invoicing easy for shippers with QuickBooks Online

The freight market continues to change every day in response to national disruptions. At Uber Freight, we’re committed to helping our shipper partners navigate those changes by digitizing their supply chains to help save time and money. 

Manual invoicing and bill payment can be time-consuming and tedious processes for many small businesses that don’t have a dedicated accounts payable team. We’re building a centralized place to manage all shipping operations, including handling finances with ease.

To eliminate manual invoicing, we’re partnering with Intuit to integrate QuickBooks Online (QBO) accounting software directly into Uber Freight with a seamless API. This integration enables auto-invoicing for our platform users that use QBO, improving invoicing timeliness, review, tracking and payments. 

Intuit is a leading global financial platform company and QBO is the accounting platform of choice for millions of small businesses in the US. The partnership also lowers business costs for shippers at a crucial time; current QBO users receive $500 off their first shipment when they sign up with Uber Freight, and Uber Freight shippers get 40% off their first year of QBO.

With a single click, Uber Freight shippers that use QBO will be able to link their Uber Freight account into their QBO environment and begin managing their invoices. Shippers that have enabled this connection will be able to review all of their Uber Freight invoices in one place, pay with one click, set up autopay and use the variety of tools and features provided to them by QBO for handling their finances.

Uber Freight customer Athletic Brewing Company has been using this integration to manage their shipping invoices with QuickBooks Online:  

“With Uber Freight and Quickbooks Online, the invoicing process couldn’t be easier. Invoices come directly into our QuickBooks Online account, and the payment process is a breeze,” said Jamie Lissette, Chief Operating Officer at Athletic Brewing. “It’s especially helpful when we have multiple shipments pending or in transit at the same time, because we can now coordinate invoice information and implement internal audits in one central location within Uber Freight.”

With this integration, Uber Freight shippers can reduce friction in their supply chain operations and focus on delivering impactful customer experiences.

Current QuickBooks Online users can sign up now to receive $500 off their first shipment with Uber Freight. For more information about our partnership with QuickBooks Online and to take advantage of this offer, click here.

Current Uber Freight shippers can sign up for QuickBooks Online and get 40% off their first year. To take advantage of this offer, click here

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