SAP and Uber Freight work together to future-proof supply chains

April 29 / US
SAP and Uber Freight work together to future-proof supply chains

It’s a new age for supply chain. The rise of e-commerce has completely transformed the way consumers interact with brands. To thrive in this increasingly fast and open market, shippers need to look ahead, move quickly, and provide consistency for their customers. The key to future-proofing? Optimizing the central artery of any business that moves tangible goods: freight.

Today, Uber Freight is thrilled to announce a partnership with SAP. The new SAP Logistics Business Network is a management platform where all supply chain players can connect, collaborate, and exchange logistics information to help streamline workflows and increase supply chain efficiency. Through an Uber Freight API integration, our mutual customers will be able to tap into instant, real-time pricing data and a national network of freight capacity, transforming freight-booking into an intelligent process.

Last year, we introduced the Uber Freight platform for shippers, and since then, hundreds of shippers across the US have used the streamlined interface to tap into our nationwide carrier network. But shippers work in a multitude of ways, and helping them access better solutions through their own tools is critical to support varied and complex shipping operations at every level of the market. Now, our partnership through the SAP Logistics Business Network delivers another access point for enterprise shippers to leverage two of Uber Freight’s crucial benefits through their own TMS:

Reliable real-time data: Real-time pricing tools, based on Uber Freight’s carrier-network data and expertise in measuring supply and demand, allow shippers to spend less time planning loads or adjusting to unexpected variables, and more time delivering value to their customers.

Sought-after freight capacity: Maintaining agility during peak demand depends on a shipper’s ability to source and manage capacity. Direct and immediate access to Uber Freight’s large carrier network means shippers can tap into to a broad ecosystem of drivers, which can improve asset utilization, reduce cost, and up a competitive edge in a tight market.

As the Uber Freight and SAP partnership grows, we’re looking forward to helping drive more transparency for all across the industry.


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