Uber Freight honors shippers with inaugural Deliver Customer Awards

November 9 / US
Uber Freight honors shippers with inaugural Deliver Customer Awards

Uber Freight closed out Deliver 2020, our third-annual conference for shippers, with the presentation of our first-ever Deliver Customer Awards. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners and proud to work with so many other outstanding companies.

Community Champion Award: Second Harvest 

The Community Champion Award went to a shipper who worked above and beyond to help their community, using their supply chains to transport essential goods. This year’s winner is Second Harvest, which worked closely with our team to make a huge impact during the Move What Matters campaign and serve the needs of rural communities across Canada. We’re grateful for their commitment and partnership.

Enterprise Innovator Award: LG

We presented our Enterprise Innovator Award to a shipper that harnessed new technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of its supply chain during the past year. The 2020 winner is LG, an early adopter of our Powerloop drop trailer program that continues to lead the way in testing and partnering with Uber Freight on new product innovations.

Supply Chain Resilience Award: Target

The Supply Chain Resilience Award went to a shipper who creatively overcame challenges presented by COVID-19 and even improved its operations in the process. This year’s winner is Target, which leveraged the Uber Freight API to build a better way to secure critical capacity and manage unforeseen demand surges.

Small Business Innovator Award: Buckeye Polymers

The Small Business Innovator Award went to a shipper who successfully incorporated Uber Freight into its supply chain to create a new approach to better meet demand. This year’s winner is Buckeye Polymers, for its continual valuable feedback and willingness to participate in new product launches, including our expansion into Canada.

Innovation Partner Award: Lidl

Similarly, we presented our Innovation Partner Award to the mid-market shipper that incorporated Uber Freight into its supply chain to source capacity in real time and manage new costs. This year’s winner is Lidl, which in just the past few months has helped us develop our new bulk-load-building functionality. Lidl also worked with our teams to integrate its dedicated fleet and eliminate deadhead miles to build a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award: The Home Depot

And finally, our Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award was given to a shipper that has made substantial commitments toward operating sustainably and has made strides to either reduce climate impact or cut GHG emissions. This year’s winner is The Home Depot, which has done exceptional work to build a sustainable future for transportation.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Deliver Customer Award winners! We’ll see everyone next fall. Read more about Deliver 2020 here

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