Uber Freight takes you home

September 6 / US
Uber Freight takes you home

Over the past three decades working as a truck driver, Frank Lovell has criss-crossed more than 3 million miles across the US, hauling everything from carpet to chairs to scooters. Frank drives to support his family — his wife, Sheila, and their ten children. On average, truck drivers like Frank spend up to 200 nights per year on the road, making it difficult to get home in time for important moments. So, while driving gives them the opportunity to meet people and build friendships across the country, it also means often missing holidays, birthdays or life’s other major milestones.

At Uber Freight, we spend a lot of time talking to drivers. When the team was in Georgia last December, they got to ride with Frank. When asked what we could do to make his life easier, he had an immediate answer. More than anything, Frank wanted a way to get home to his family more often.

We’ve been working to make that happen ever since.


In early August, we announced ‘For You’, a section of the Uber Freight app which shows drivers personalized load recommendations and notifications based on location and past loads. Today — with Frank in mind — we’re excited to announce ‘Take Me Home,’ a new type of recommendation that highlights loads that will get you home.

In the coming weeks, drivers will start to see ‘Get Home’ loads in their recommendations. As freight volume increases across the country, we hope to help drivers using Uber Freight get home as quickly as possible, while getting paid for the journey.

Driver feedback is crucial for improving the Uber Freight app. We look forward to continuing our work with people like Frank to build a product that puts drivers first.

Do you have a suggestion for how we can improve the Uber Freight experience? Let us know what you think here.


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