Uber Freight launches Thank a Trucker campaign to celebrate and support carriers and drivers

June 5 / US
Uber Freight launches Thank a Trucker campaign to celebrate and support carriers and drivers

In spite of the current health crisis, truck drivers continue to deliver essential goods to communities nationwide. With rest stops closed and supplies hard to come by, these drivers are facing unprecedented obstacles while many of us continue to stay at home. As the pandemic stretches on, truck drivers will need ongoing support from the industry and from local communities to make it through. 

Today and every day, Uber Freight is committed to supporting carriers and truck drivers as they work to move what matters. As part of this commitment, we’re proud to announce our #ThankATrucker initiative to help support truck drivers on the road. Through this initiative, we’re working with shippers, brokers, and trucking nonprofits to spark appreciation for our nation’s truck drivers and show them our thanks through direct action.

With support from FourKites, Howes, and Smashmallow, Uber Freight is providing 10,000 care packages for truck drivers across the US. These kits include necessities like cleaning supplies and masks. To help distribute the care packages on the road and at truck stops, we have partnered with nonprofits like Meals for 18 Wheels, REAL Women in Trucking, truckersfinalmile.org, and Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders (TEAR).

Our volunteers are now able to distribute in many more nationwide locations from our collective product donation sponsors that include Uber Freight. Together, we want to spread appreciation to the truck drivers and let them know there are people that care about them. We hope others will join us and do the same

Desiree Wood, Founder/President of REAL Women In Trucking

In addition to the care packages, Uber Freight also provided Uber Eats credits and is offering free coronavirus telehealth assessments to carriers on the Uber Freight platform. And we’re proud to showcase the efforts of shippers and industry partners like CHEP, Ryder, and Progressive. 

As we continue to adapt to the global pandemic, one thing hasn’t changed: the hard work and dedication of truck drivers across the country. For that, we owe them our profound thanks. 

For a complete list of organizations supporting truck drivers during this time and for more information on how to get involved, please visit ThankATruckDriver.com

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