Uncertain Times Fueling Supply Chain Innovations

June 29 / US
Uncertain Times Fueling Supply Chain Innovations

Uncertainties and countless disruptions have become all too common for the global supply chain. Now, more than ever, transportation executives and trailblazers are investing in new technologies and are partnering with innovative logistics solutions providers to stay competitive.

Learn how savvy supply chain leaders can thrive even during chaotic circumstances. Check out the Supply Chain Now webinar recording that features Michael Wasson, Chief Operations Officer at Tosca, and Tracy Rosser, Executive Vice President of Operations at Transplace as they discuss volatile market conditions spurring supply chain innovations and improved logistics technologies, including:

  • Accessing logistics network visibility and variability
  • AI-enabled data insights and predictive analytics
  • Best practices for business continuity and risk management

To learn more about Transplace’s Logistics Solutions Platform and the ways we support supply chain strategies, reach out to us at https://www.transplace.com/contact/connect-with-an-expert/.

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