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From flatbed to reefer—the 4 equipment types you can run with Uber Freight

February 21, 2020 / US
From flatbed to reefer—the 4 equipment types you can run with Uber Freight

In trucking, having more choices about the way you work can help build success. That’s why Uber Freight is proud to now offer flatbed loads in addition to dry van, reefer, and power-only options. 

The addition of flatbed represents a major expansion to the scope of Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform freight shipping services. To meet complex load requirements, many industries rely on flatbed trailers and the highly qualified carriers needed to move them. 

No matter if you’re a carrier or a shipper, Uber Freight is an always-on network that supplies you with the loads or capacity you need. Below we detail the equipment types found on our platform.

Flatbed loads

If there is a type of trucking equipment ripe for a digital revolution, it’s flatbed. Even though it is a significant part of the overall freight market, flatbed remains a highly fragmented sector that still relies on traditional methods—phone calls and faxing—to keep things moving. 

The Uber Freight platform now offers 48’ and 53’ FTL flatbed loads. Not only can shippers build loads through our shipper platform up to 14 days in advance, but they will also be able to take advantage of a wealth of workflow improvements, such as instant pricing, real-time tracking, and electronic documentation.  

It’s a big win for flatbed carriers, too. Now they can book loads through the Uber Freight app or web portal in almost no time. In the long run, they should also realize more consistent equipment utilization thanks to greater access to loads throughout the year.

Dry van loads

Uber Freight works with a wide variety of shippers, everything manufacturers to big-box retailers to up-and-coming small businesses. Our platform features 53’ FTL dry van loads on just about every lane out there.

Best of all, we bring the power and expertise of Uber technology to simplify logistics. Our intuitive software makes it easy for carriers to find the loads they need on our app and web portal.

Reefer loads

Every day, we work with food and beverage vendors to help keep grocery shelves stocked. Uber Freight delivers flexible, dependable reefer capacity for dairy, fresh and frozen meat, temperature-controlled food and beverage, produce, and more. 

Our carriers are vetted and we pass through specific equipment requirements to them. We require modern food-grade trailers and broad cargo coverage, including reefer breakdown coverage.


Whether you’re a shipper or a carrier, you can have the advantages of drop freight with Powerloop, Uber Freight’s affiliated company that manages Powerloop trailers. This single, scaled trailer pool system is currently running in Texas, California, and Oklahoma. 

Powerloop enables shippers to pre-load and unload trailers at the best times to optimize efficiency at their facilities. What’s more, all Powerloop trailers have GPS systems to enable real-time tracking. 

Carriers benefit by spending more time on the road driving instead of waiting at a loading dock. Powerloop also makes it easy to arrange backhauls to maximize the earning power of their fleet.

With Uber Freight, both carriers and shippers have more opportunities to reach their goals. And if they ever run into a problem, our support team is available 24/7 to help. To see everything our platform has to offer, sign up with Uber Freight today.

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