How 1 carrier added 5 trucks to his business by using Uber Freight

January 15 / US
How 1 carrier added 5 trucks to his business by using Uber Freight

Today’s carriers are looking for more— more transparency, more freedom, and more opportunities to grow their businesses. With Uber Freight, they get just that. Upfront load pricing, free quick-pay, and the ability to leave feedback about their experiences at shipping facilities are just a few reasons carriers work with us. For carrier Charles Nwigwe of Rockwall, Texas, these benefits are also the reason he made the switch over to Uber Freight.

Charles is the owner of Today’s Delivery Service and a working truck driver himself. Originally from Nigeria, he started driving in 1997 for Pepsi-Cola and bought his own truck in 1999. Like many owner-operators, he worked with a number of traditional brokers to find loads. When Uber Freight launched in 2017, he decided to give it a try. The ease of finding and booking loads initially attracted him to the platform and is what has kept him here ever since. His drivers now run 100% of their loads through Uber Freight.

Of the 5 trucks Charles has through Today’s Delivery Service, 3 of them are exclusively dedicated to Powerloop, which he calls “the new trucking business.” This Uber Freight affiliate company provides trailers to carriers of all sizes, enabling them to participate in a drop freight trailer pool that might otherwise have been inaccessible. Because the trailers are pre-loaded, this drop-and-hook model helps carriers get back on the road faster. It also benefits shippers, as this speed increases efficiency at facilities.

Charles loves Powerloop because it allows him and his drivers to simply “keep going,” which can often mean more money earned at the end of the day. “Truckers don’t have to sit and wait for loads anymore,” Charles said.

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