Découvrez comment Uber Freight aide United Reuse à développer ses activités.

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Découvrez comment Uber Freight aide United Reuse à développer ses activités.

United Reuse & The Gaylord Box Exchange is a market leader in the reconditioning and reuse of industrial packaging. It’s built the largest nationwide network of manufacturers and recyclers, helping them divert their used packaging from the landfill to instead be used again and given another life. Company owner Jack Anderson and sales manager Rob Demaree strive to provide customers nationwide with the most affordable and environmentally packaging options.


For a long time, the company relied on traditional load boards to book freight, which often added hours of manual labor to its sales process. Demaree would often have to pause talks with a customer to request quotes from several carriers/3PLs. These quotes would take hours to come in, delaying the time in which Demaree could reach back out to the customer with the all-in delivered price.

« I’d be sitting for hours waiting for a freight quote, which was such a hassle and slowed the sales process, » says Demaree. « With Uber Freight’s instant quote we’ve seen a big increase in our sales velocity, which has allowed us to capture more business. »

In addition to the many hours the United Reuse team wasted on the booking process, they didn’t feel like its time and money were going to a service they trusted to find the best rates for their lanes. Prices for freight shipments were often exorbitant, especially during high-volume markets.

“A couple of years ago, I almost went out of business because folks were taking advantage of a capacity shortage to upcharge loads,” said Anderson.

The company needed to streamline its booking process and find new, trusted logistics partners.


While in an Uber Pool, Rob’s co-rider introduced him to Uber Freight. After exploring the platform, Jack and Rob were impressed with the ability to confirm loads on Uber Freight with the click of a button and without needing to haggle over prices.

Using Uber Freight has allowed United Reuse to save hundreds of hours in booking time, and in turn, has made its operations run more efficiently, helping to propel the company’s growth. Today, United Reuse is running all of its non-Hazmat loads on Uber Freight – approximately 25% of its total freight.

“With Uber Freight, we love that we can get an instant quote with the all-in price. We work with over 197 manufacturers, and each lane is different when it comes to market rates,” said Anderson. “We trust that Uber Freight gives us the best visibility into pricing on each lane, and allows us to provide much better service to our customers.”

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