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Logistics services

White truck driving on road

Optimize every move with a suite of logistics services leveraging the volume and scale of the Uber Freight network, our domain expertise, and simple, yet powerful technology.

line of trucks


Reduce live loading and unloading dwell time and streamline operations with drop and hook shipping.

Shipper collaboration

Reduce cost by utilizing your empty hauls, or another shipper’s. The extensive Uber Freight network creates opportunities to collaborate with other shippers to meet your goals.

LTL pooling

Better utilized space makes for a better spend. Optimize truckloads and cost by combining your LTL with other shippers’ at one of six regional cross-docks.

trucks on mountain road


Get access to expert local management, standardized processes, and leading-edge technologies to better control your port moves.

Continuous moves

Discover opportunities to link shipments back-to-back (-to-back) for greater carrier efficiency and reduced cost.

Carrier management

When Uber Freight manages your carrier relationships, you get actionable insights, flexible scale, and operational excellence from an experienced team, supported by industry-leading technology.


Improve your carrier relations with flexible, reliable and secure payment options.