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Maximize capacity

Leverage Uber Freight’s network of $17B of freight under management to secure capacity that meets cost and performance requirements.

Collaborate with other shippers to co-load and link shipments back-to-back to create a sustainable capacity solution and increase efficiencies.

Optimize shipping

Increase visibility for your team with real-time shipment statuses and self-service access to the platform for all stakeholders, so that you’re all on the same page.

Visualize in real time

Seamless LTL shipment booking

"Moving forward, Uber Freight is focused on expanding procurement options, putting eyes on every shipment, and investing in next generation AI."

Raj Subbiah - Head of Product, Uber Freight

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Ask questions in
everyday language

Ask questions like: How does my rate-per-mile in TX compare to last year? or, What's leading to low service in my SW facilities?

Tackle granular, tactical problems and conduct more complex, strategic analyses in a single tool with unified data.

Handle all issues large and small

Contextualize your supply chain within data analytics tools on demand and a rich peer data set to spot trends and deviations early on.

See around corners
and take action

Transform your logistics decision making abilities with Insights AI

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Built on one of the world's largest transportation datasets, Insights AI uses large language models (LLMs) which allow you to get answers to your most burning questions for visual impact fast. 

Unlock the future of logistics with AI

Watch the Tech Talk with Lior Ron, founder and CEO of Uber Freight, to learn more about how next-generation technology meets transportation.