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Uber Freight Exchange brings the data and functionality needed to secure capacity for your contract freight seamlessly.

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Maximize capacity

Leverage Uber Freight’s network of $17B of freight under management to secure capacity that meets cost and performance requirements.

Collaborate with other shippers to co-load and link shipments back-to-back to create a sustainable capacity solution and increase efficiencies.

Optimize shipping

Increase visibility for your team with real-time shipment statuses and self-service access to the platform for all stakeholders, so that you’re all on the same page.

Visualize in real time

Seamless LTL shipment booking

“This tool will undoubtedly give the Uber Freight TMS a competitive advantage and bring considerable value to every customer who utilizes it.”

Rayla McDonaldSupply Chain Specialist, C&D Trojan

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Save more 
time & money

Streamline and automate your contract freight procurement strategy and operations in one place.

Use actionable insights from market data, historical network data, and performance history to your advantage.

Make better and 
faster decisions

Tap into a growing and diverse carrier network powered by Uber Freight.

Grow your

Harness the power of enhanced onboarding, communication, and reporting.


Your one-stop-shop for savings, efficiencies, and insights

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