What is a trailer pool?

Trailer pools are a group of trailers that an asset-based carrier drops at shipper facilities, allowing loading and unloading to happen without the driver present. Today, these programs are typically deployed by large, asset-based carriers to increase efficiency, lower costs, and limit waiting time for shippers and drivers alike. Drop-and-hook loads enabled by trailer pools make for shorter, more attractive hauls that dramatically reduce detention time.

What is Powerloop?

Powerloop LLC is an Uber company (and an affiliate of Uber Freight) that rents trailers to carriers. With the launch of Powerloop, any eligible carrier can participate in this innovative trailer pool model, no matter their size. Powerloop is currently available in Texas and Oklahoma and will be expanding in the near future.

How does it work?

  • Drivers can pick up a preloaded trailer at a predetermined pickup location.
  • In most cases, the driver can drop off at a predetermined drop off location without extended downtimes, such as waiting to have trailer loaded or unloaded, which often leads to detention. In the event a live unload is required, it will be noted in the load listing.
  • Shipments going from facility A to B and then B back to A could be local moves in the same city.

Is this facilitated through the Uber Freight app?

Not yet, but this is something we are actively working on. We will slowly scale up our in-app Powerloop loads as we grow into new regions.

How long until Powerloop is available nationally?

We do not have a specific date in mind. We hope to scale to other regions as it makes business sense to do so.

Why aren't trailer pools already the industry standard?

Single-shared trailer pool

These are a complex web of trailers that are exclusively used by designated carriers. Sharing a group of trailers has not been a common practice.

Carrier participation

Power-only loads have primarily been reserved for large fleets. According to the American Trucking Association, over 90% of carriers are categorized as having less than 6 trucks. These carriers are typically excluded from participating.

Carrier utilization

Power-only trips typically are not paired up with return trips. This results in carriers driving without a load on their way back home.

What makes Powerloop unique compared to similar products out there?

Carrier eligibility

Powerloop allows carriers of all sizes to participate in the program.

Shared pool of trailers

Any carrier in Powerloop’s network can access any trailer. This results in higher asset utilization and can remove the need to keep a large volume of empty trailers on site.

More backhauls

Powerloop and Uber Freight work with carriers to get from point A to point B and back.

How does a carrier become approved to use Powerloop?

A carrier must complete an Uber Freight carrier packet and the trailer rental agreement from Powerloop. Once a carrier is approved by Uber Freight then they are eligible to participate in the Powerloop program. A carrier can visit the Uber freight website and sign up via the Powerloop section.

How does a shipper sign up to participate in the program?

Any shipper that is already onboarded with Uber Freight can work with Powerloop. Given that we are currently only operating in Texas and Oklahoma, they must have lanes in these two states and have a need for moving drop freight.

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