What does Uber Freight pay for accessorials for loads booked on our app?

Here’s our list of accessorials:

AccessorialCarrier Payment1
Detention$75 per hour2
Layover$300 per day
Truck Order Not Used$200 + $2 per mile deadhead3
Driver Assist$75 per load

1 These accessorial rates only apply to loads booked in the Uber Freight app. For these rates to apply: the app must be running continuously throughout the load (with GPS location data being provided), all accessorial requests and receipts must be submitted within 24 hours of delivery and supported by a signed BOL with “in” and “out” times, and the POD must be uploaded in the Uber Freight app. These rates are subject to verification and change at Uber Freight’s discretion.

2 Detention payment starts 2 hours after the scheduled appointment time and is capped at 4 hours of paid detention. In order to qualify for detention, the carrier must be on time (to the minute) to the stated appointment.

3 Deadhead miles paid up to 125 miles.

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