United Pacific Forest Products

"I’ve been in the lumber business for over 38 years. A huge part of the business is transportation, and with the recent shortage of equipment, sourcing that transportation has become considerably tougher. The ease of using Uber Freight to handle our shipments and the time it saves us every day make the platform extremely attractive.

Many shippers today still use phone calls, faxes and emails to obtain price estimates and to find carriers willing to haul their freight. This process is extremely inefficient and time consuming, wasting hours a day to book only 1-2 truckloads. We went to Uber Freight to find a better way.

With Uber Freight, we can source load coverage within a day. The ability to see all of our information in one place, where we can review completed loads and manage ongoing loads, is a huge time-saver. Proof of Delivery documents are quick and easy to access, and if there’s ever a problem, the Uber Freight team proactively calls us to explain the issue and walk us through solutions. My team starts our day at 6:30 every morning, and we move at a fast pace all day long. The time savings alone from Uber Freight make the service valuable to everybody in the business."

– Jeff Maughan, Sales & Purchasing Manager, United Pacific Forest Products

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