Lancement d’Uber Freight en Europe

mars 20 / US
Lancement d’Uber Freight en Europe

Since launching in the U.S. two years ago, Uber Freight has worked to revitalize the trucking industry and bring new opportunities to both carriers and shippers across the country. The inroads we have made in the U.S. are exciting, and we recognized from the start that freight logistics is a global industry and an integral part of the world economy.

With that, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our operations into Europe. Our launch starts in the Netherlands and in the coming weeks, local carriers and drivers will be able to book and move their first loads with Uber Freight. From there, we plan to expand access in other parts of Europe in the near future.

Lorsque nous avons lancé l’application Uber Freight aux États-Unis, nous avons introduit des prix transparents, des paiements rapides et la possibilité pour les transporteurs et les chauffeurs de réserver un chargement en quelques clics. Dans un secteur où il est courant de passer d’innombrables heures et appels téléphoniques pour négocier et réserver un chargement, notre technologie a été adoptée rapidement. Aujourd’hui, nous disposons d’un solide réseau de transporteurs et de conducteurs qui utilisent Uber Freight pour développer leurs activités et transporter du fret dans tout le pays.

On the shipper side, Uber Freight delivers instant access to our vast network of reliable carriers and their drivers through an intuitive platform, enabling shippers of any size to generate quotes in real-time, tender a load with only a few clicks, and track their shipments from pickup to drop-off. This simplicity and transparency enable shippers to move freight at scale and with speed that was previously not possible.

By removing some barriers between carriers and shippers and creating better ways for them to work together, we aim to unite the industry towards a more efficient and transparent future, one that benefits everyone.

Expansion en Europe

Europe’s freight market is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world, yet carriers and shippers experience many of the same challenges as their counterparts in the U.S. The European market is highly fragmented with small- to medium-sized carriers making up more than 85% of the total carrier pool, and, just like in the U.S., it is difficult for these small businesses to meet the needs of shippers without the aid of technology.

The expansion of Uber Freight into Europe is an important first step toward bringing our vision for an efficient and transparent freight marketplace to the international stage. As we grow, we will endeavor to be a reliable partner to European carriers, shippers and everyone who’s working to build a bright future for Europe’s logistics industry.

We hope you’ll join us!

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