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Managed transportation services -
outsource your supply chain needs

Customized solutions and industry-leading expertise to help you optimize your
logistics process and ensure your business can keep pace with a changing market.

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Let our experts tackle your most pressing logistics questions

Uber Freight’s supply chain experts and data scientists have decades of combined experience managing companies of all sizes in all market conditions. We provide actionable intelligence to drive continuous improvement, stay ahead of logistics challenges, and help you reach your goals.
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Increase agility, efficiency, and stability end-to-end

Incorporate Uber Freight technology and expertise across operations to ensure you always deliver for your customers with our managed transportation services.
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woman watching truck from loading dock
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  • Transportation and network design
  • Carrier procurement
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First mile

  • Landing cost
  • PO management
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Middle mile

  • Order load execution
  • Stock transfers
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Last mile

  • Customer deliveries
  • On-time performance
  • Cost-to-service metrics

Powered by advanced technology

Our managed transportation services are enabled by best-in-class technology to ensure your business can keep pace with the rate of change.
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Transportation Management System (TMS)

Get peace of mind that you’re getting the most our of your TMS while we manage and optimize it for you. It has industry-leading functionality, analytics and performance management for planning, execution, freight audit and settlement across all transportation modes.

We’ll help you get most out of the Uber Freight TMS with:

  • Advanced technology to help automate processes and save money
  • Centralized and customized reporting with real-time visibility
  • Streamlined communication across internal and external teams
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Transportation Network Services (TNS)

With access to one of the largest carrier networks in the industry, our advanced algorithm matches shippers with the most efficient carriers and routes to improve delivery times. By minimizing deadhead and wasted miles, our solution maximizes shipment optimization to save you time and money.

Flexible options

We plan and execute your freight logistics strategies for you. The result is a highly flexible delivery model that enables nimble decision-making to drive process excellence, lower your operational risks, and reduce costs.
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Multi Carrier Parcel

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Ocean Freight/Global

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Carrier Management

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Freight Audit Payment

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Data Insights

Uber Freight is trusted worldwide by industry leaders to meet their logistics needs.

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Paul Heffernan , Vice President, Supply Chain, LG Electronics USA

“Making sure that our freight is moving correctly, on time, and at the right price is getting more complex just about every day... Having an innovation partner is super critical. We see Uber Freight as a partner who can help us get there.”

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