Our goal for the future

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, making a real impact takes cooperation and innovation across the entire supply chain. The Uber Freight platform, at the center of one of the largest, most diversified transportation networks in the world, enables unique opportunities for shippers and carriers to reduce emissions, decarbonize the industry, and move us all toward a more sustainable future.

Sustainability starts with us

The road to net zero emissions begins in our own backyard. We’re matching 100% of the electricity used across our facilities with energy from renewable sources. It’s just one of the steps we’ve taken that have earned us LEED Gold and WELL Platinum certification.

Bringing transparency to emissions

To reduce it, you first have to understand it. Get a clear picture of your carbon footprint and the means to reduce it with the Uber Freight platform.

More productive miles, lesser carbon footprint

With efficiency-boosting capabilities like shipper collaboration, LTL pooling, and continuous moves, trucks spend less time empty— optimizing your freight and reducing your carbon footprint.

Keep moving, and reducing

Reduce idle times and emissions by utilizing drop trailers and appointment optimization.

The next move

Fully autonomous and low-to-zero emission trucks present a major opportunity to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. By forming strategic partnerships that harness the scale of the Uber Freight network, we’re putting this new technology on the road to put carbon emissions in the rearview.

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