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About us

Our mission

Leading the pace of logistics to move the world’s goods.


Powering Intelligent Logistics™

Uber Freight delivers an end-to-end enterprise suite of Relational Logistics to advance supply chains and move the world’s goods. Only Uber Freight offers the industry-leading combination of technology, capacity, and partnership. Our proprietary AI-Optimized Network surfaces deep insights to supercharge and streamline operations. In any mode, market, and configuration, we align our shippers and carriers through our Dynamic Capacity. And with our Expert Partnership, we pair deep industry expertise and high-touch service to provide our customers with the right blend of human and tech solutions for the best results. At Uber Freight, we thrive in complexity, building new efficiencies at every stage of the journey to help businesses run as intelligently as possible.

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    We bridge the gap in the logistics industry through state-of-the-art connectivity, fostering seamless interactions and real-time solutions. Our technology and services unite all stakeholders, streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration.

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    We prioritize agility, swiftly adapting to the ever-evolving needs of the logistics industry. Our solutions are designed to be nimble, ensuring our partners stay ahead of challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

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    We believe in empowering our customers, providing them with tools and solutions that amplify their capabilities. Our innovative solutions are crafted to enable businesses to reach their fullest potential, driving growth and operational excellence.

Our values

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Customer success

We work passionately to deliver positive, measurable outcomes, for shippers, carriers, employees and our communities – every load, every time.

Innovate with purpose

We are innovative thinkers harnessing advanced technologies and our experience to create new ideas for the benefit of all.

Stronger together

We foster collaborative environments where everyone can be their authentic self, always. When we celebrate differences we become collectively stronger.

Do the right thing

We believe that our actions should be grounded in integrity and transparency. We aim to do the right thing, always.

Our locations

North America

  • Chicago (HQ)
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Frisco
  • Rogers
  • Monterrey (MX)
  • Mexico City (MX)
  • Oakville (CA)
  • St. Louis
  • Cincinnati


  • Netherlands (EU)

What our customers say about us

  • David Magnan, Distribution Manager, Wis-Pak

    “As soon as we hit our busy season, it was incredibly helpful to have the extra capacity Uber Freight provides.”

  • Bill Heslam, VP of Operations, Narragansett

    “[T]he level of transparency and efficiency that Uber Freight offers… I haven’t been able to get with any other freight partner.”

  • Paul Wilson, Logistics Manager, Birch Plastics

    “I can’t tell you how much easier my life got the very minute I logged into the shipper platform for the first time.”

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